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Press Gang, Lynda, Spike

September 2010




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Sep. 27th, 2010

Press Gang, Lynda, Spike


So I was feeling a little creative and rather bored tonight when I realised there was no reason why I could make some desktop wallpapers. My friend makes hers all the time and I thought that I should do some too. I've made a number of icons recently but none are ready for posting.
Right now I'm just doing lyrics and images. All images are from: http://weheartit.com and fonts are just fonts I've collected over the years (from places like urbanfonts and fontdictionary). The layout, editing and combinations are all mine.
I also used the editing tool Gimp, which is downloadable from the internet and similar to Adobe Photoshop. I used a couple of different brushes but I don't remember where they came from so sorry if they were yours.
That being said here are the wallpapers:

I'm having a little trouble with photobucket so...
here are two links to see more if you like these two:
Much better quality. Under the album marked "Wallpapers".
Shows them all to you easily but not the best quality.


Jul. 7th, 2010

Kitty, X-Men, Shadowcat


Long time no talk. I know, how horrible AM I?

But to be completely honest with you I've been very boring lately. Not much at all happening with me. I'm hoping to go see Toy Story 3 on the weekend and will go dress shopping with my friend next weekend.

Besides this I have finally come up with a good enough idea for the Novella Competition and am beginning to write it. It should be good.

Stay safe and enjoy your holidays everyone!

May. 8th, 2010

Press Gang, Lynda, Spike

Staring Blankly Ahead

So here I am. It's a Saturday night.
I have two drafts due on Monday, one exam on Tuesday, and one assignment due next Friday.
What have I been made to do all day?
Am I finished?
Funny thing you're asking there.
Why do I have so much stuff?
I have about five different stages of rooms, and it doesn't seem like I have EVER thrown that much out.
So NOW I'm stuck with five rooms of stuff in one and I've gotta make it all fit. Tough job? HECK YES. And I also have a drawer of photos that I COULD use for clothes. But the photos can't be moved yet. Hopefully Mum will move them tomorrow.
I am close to finishing. Tomorrow I'll have to vaccum. I'll do that as a study break. Seriously gotta put my nose to the grindstone tomorrow. I am so stressed OUT and my brain feels like it's gonna burst. I've had a headache for about four days. Anyone else ever had that?

On the plus side it IS great to see all my old stuff again. :D
Mum was going through the clothes I'd had from a baby till I was about seven or eight. Brought back a ton of memories they did. But she had to give quite a bit to St. Vinnie's (St. Vincent de Paul, a place where you can give stuff you no longer want and they either give it to the homeless or sell it to get money to buy other things for those less fortunate.) They were some really cute clothes too, but we just don't have space.

Why am I writing this instead of working? BECAUSE I NEED A BREAK! AHHHHH!
I recently went for an audition for this cinematic theatre production. First professional audition EVER, and no I didn't any of the parts but it was good experience. It was actually pretty cool too, it was a huge group one and everyone was really nice. :D

Besides that and my current obsessions with X-men (including X-men:Evolution) and The Tribe. Oh and my disappointment at HTML Comics no longer being online I have nothing else to say really. I must be so entirely boring. Ah well. :) I'm not forcing you to read this, am I?

I'll leave you with a quote:
"Love makes you want to stab people? That isn't love. That's brain damage. Though I do understand your confusion between the two, some days..." -- Kurt, Excalibur 100

Oh why not leave you with another one? There's no harm in that!

This is getting to be a habit. I've lost track, chere, who rescues whom next?" --Gambit, UXM 266

For more of those great quotes check out this webby:

Better get going,

Apr. 19th, 2010

Press Gang, Lynda, Spike


Okay, so guess what?
If my other predicaments weren't enough it got worse.
I was already a little sick. But that sickness was an understatement.
I'm helping my little brother with washing his face, and cleaning his teeth this morning when BAM! I feel like something's trying to escape my insides. I lean over the toliet and TA DA, something does escape my insides. My breakfast and whatever was left of my stomach lining.

If that wasn't enough I am now STARVING because whenever I eat it doesn't stay down.

So then came the tiredness, and lethargy, the headaches and the tummy pains, and of course, dizzyness and nausea. Where would we be without those two?

So NOW off to bed. So I can rest and sleep and stufffffffff
goodnight, sweet dreams, xoxo

Apr. 18th, 2010

Press Gang, Lynda, Spike


Okay, so I just said I was going to bed but I thought I might put up a few links that have been brightening my life at the moment.
You've probably heard of this site. If you haven't then well, I don't know what's wrong with you.

My friend linked me to this place, and I haven't looked back. Great website. Gives me inspiration sometimes. Especially if you look back at her quotes. :D fantastic!!

If you love comics like me but I can't seem to buy them then this website is the bomb. Sure they don't have a few of the latest, but they'll be getting them soon and hey, I went back to the beginning anyway.

Need to keep up with some of the latest and greatest movies and tv shows? Good webby for you. No filling out. At all.

Fifth and Sixth:
If ch131 didn't work for you, check out these two babies. Some of the best in the biz. If they don't work try an amazing website called "Google". Sounds crazy I know but if these don't work it's the best thing for ya baby.

Now I really must get to bed!!!!!
Goodnight, xoxo,
Press Gang, Lynda, Spike

Half Sucessful

So I think I may have managed to create a pretty decent feature article. I've still gotta put it onto publisher and proofread it, and make sure it actually sounds good and that I'm not just saying that because I just finished rearranging it and am tired as hell. But yes, I think it's decent. Better than before at least. Reading those many articles actually did some good. :D

So now I am off, shower and bed. School tomorrow :/
I really just want to sleep in bed all day. I think I am getting sick. Bleh.

Bye bye, good night now, sweet dreams,
Dizzy xoxo

BTW: My userpic currently is Kitty Pyrde, from X-Men (and I just recently bought X-Men 2 as well!), thought you might be interested in knowing that.  this one isn't it, but I LOVE Kitty :D just something to brighten up my night.

Urghhh, I should really know where this pic is from. but I don't. Naughty me, I should take down where I take these from. Sorry, it wasn't intentional!  And maybe I'll leave you with a quote too!

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching. ~ Anonymous.
Taken from: http://en.proverbia.net/shortfamousquotes.asp
Check it out. There's some good quotes.
Press Gang, Lynda, Spike

When Life Gets In The Way Of Life

You are given an English Assignment to write a feature article on someone in your life. You chose your grandmother and conduct many interviews. Then you write what you know is a crappy first draft but it is somewhat in the kind of style that you would use. And your English teacher hates it. And the concept. And tells you that it needs to be less biographical. You write a brilliant start to your second draft. The computer corrupts the files. So then you attempt to rewrite it. It feels like the worst thing you've written. You make it slightly better but it still doesn't seem right, and it looks very biographical. You go to read some of the feature articles from the magazine you are meant to be pretending to write for. It turns out this magazine uses "I" constantly and is rather biographical and only really talks about things currently. You still can't figure out how to fix this article and your grandmother won't get the pictures you need to you until Monday afternoon. The article is due next week.

People are confusing. And somehow I've managed to get myself into a mess when I really didn't mean to. And that's all I can say on that matter. It's highly complicated. And urghhhh.

Mother is away. So guess who has to play Mother in the house?

You are currently no good at Math and can't do the problems and blehhhh, you need help. Like tutoring. But you have no time currently.

bye bye, xoxo

Apr. 11th, 2010

Press Gang, Lynda, Spike

Writer's Block: Back to the future

If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

Ummmmm, well, probably happy. I mean I've almost completely finished the novel I started around the age of 12, I entered a writing comp and got shortlisted, I've written, directed, produced and acted in a play. I have an awesome room, been overseas tons, made awesome friends, am not as dumb as the teachers said I was in primary school, I'm able to handle wayyyyyy more than I ever thought. I'm going to an audition soon. I've had a really great relationship.

So yes I think happy. Maybe disappointed that I hadn't finished the novel but overall happy I think.


Apr. 9th, 2010

Press Gang, Lynda, Spike

Kitty, Colossus and Heathcliff

Okay so yes, I am a deep X-Men fanatic but so far my favourite, absolute favourite pairing is Kitty (Shadowcat, Katya) and Colossus (Peter, Piotr). I've written a fanfic (below is the link) but I'm not so sure about the ending and may change it and even add more chapters on.


I've been attempting to write my english assignment. It's not really working. I've written about half of it, but I'm not sure if it's just a load of floating garbage.
Had a new dressing put on my toe. I hadn't realised just how much blood had come out.
To take my mind off what's going on I've been watching the BBC's "Wuthering Heights" from 2009 I think. It's brilliant. I tried recently to read the book but I haven't had much time.

Poor Heathcliff, out of all of the characters I find his to be the most tormented and tortured characters. It was not his fault that any of the things that happened to him happened, or who he was and yet he was continuously discriminated against and treated with much cruelty. Although I do, despite everything still sympathise with Hindley. He was brought up with certain morals and ideas and this was not his fault, as he grew older these remained and then his wife, the only one that's loved him just for himself, dies. I feel that Cathy brings most of the things upon herself. She's the one who changes, who teases Heathcliff, who torments him in ways that tear is heart.
These are just my thoughts! I haven't actually read the entire book so I could be mistaken. They may have left things out.

Since my brother and sister are away up at my grandparents I feel almost like an only child. It's quite funny.
By the way readers I watched "The Dark Knight" today. I admit that Heath Ledger was brilliant but he was the best part of the whole movie. Besides him the thing was boring. At least to me. I much prefer X-Men.
I have to finish with my assignment. Thanks for reading!

Cathy (on Heathcliff): " . . . he's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same, and Linton's is as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire."
- 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte

Apr. 7th, 2010

Press Gang, Lynda, Spike

Ouch Ouch Ouch

How was my day?
Not good.
"Oh" you say? "Why is that?" you say?

1) My house is still like a bomb went off. Especially my room. It's like a lost cause. There's no where to put anything. No time to do it in and I can't work out what I should throw out and what I should keep. This would have been made 10 x easier if my Dad could fix up my wardrobes and put the decorative stuff on the walls. But he's way too stressed out and busy with his job.

2) and this is the major reason:

I had my ingrown toenail procedure today. I hate saying ingrown toenails. It sounds so disgusting. But anyway, I'm not sure how I got them I just have them. The procedure's really gross and I won't tell you too many details. Basically they have to cut back the nail that's growing into the skin and foot but to do that they have to cut the toe and yeah. They give you needles to numb it so you don't feel the procedure. The needles were some of the worst needles I've ever had. So painful. It probably doesn't help that they have to stick it in where the nail's grown so they collide. And then after the surgery? Well when the numbness wears off you feel it all right, all the cuts. And they can't stitch your toe so you know when you like get a cut on your forehead? Yeah they can't do that. OUCH! And then you can't walk and when you do or you put your foot down it starts bleeding so when you look at the wrap all you see is red. Okay. That's enough details.

I refused to not wear a blindfold during the thing. The look I got from the Nurse was hilarious.
The thing is- it's already hard enough to walk through my room without a damaged toe. It's almost impossible with one.
And one of the worse parts is that I have to GO BACK for my other foot. And do this ALL OVER AGAIN.
How did I get them in the first place?

My Dad is convinced our X-box 360 is broken. I told him it's because he used the wrong cords on it. He wasn't convinced. Then he told me I didn't know what I was talking about.
He was using television cables for a computer. And then he wondered why it wasn't working.

It's late. I'm tired and sore and bleeding so I'm going to head off. Goodnight! or Goodmorning I guess, depending on where you are.

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